Various logos for our clients. Logo is an essence of company’s brand.

Below are objective descriptions for several clients.

The Realty Shoppe


he Realty Shoppe (TRS) is a unique real estate company. Unlike many other corporate real estate companies, TRS takes a personal approach to build relationships with its customers. It is located in The Shops at Legacy shopping center in Plano, where everyone is welcome and will be warmly invited to look over recent listings and consult with agents. D visual studio’s objective was to develop a brand that will communicate TRS warmth and personality-driven approach to business. Logo reflects the energy of the growing suburbs of the Plano/Frisco and the young families moving there. The logo is modern with an urban feel, evoking the excitement of shopping for a new home. The primary colors further serve to emphasize the friendly and warm style of the business. The new logo certainly stands out from the competition in the years of homes for sale.

Trinity Mills Dental


rinity Mills Dental (TMD) is a family and cosmetic dentistry practice that serves far North Dallas, Plano, Addison, and Frisco. D visual studio’s objectives were to redesign and unify the TMD brand and to create a unique look to distinguish the practice from other dentists. DVS created warm and comfortable image using a friendly and inviting color to attract more patients, even those who are apprehensive about dental services. This specific color was also used to separate TMO from the usual “blue” used by most dental practices.

Chef Pete


hef Pete owns an award-winning catering company offering a wide range of culinary delights from home cooking to Japanese sushi and services such as custom ice sculptures or cooking classes.DVS designed the logo to reflect Chef Pete’s personality and uniqueness.